• VERSION 1.1
  • UPDATED Jul 30, 2015
  • WHMCS V5, V6 OR V7

Use your PayPal Advanced merchant account to charge your WHMCS clients – quickly and easily! We’re excited to bring you the first & best WHMCS PayPal Advanced gateway for WHMCS!


Billed Annually

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Billed Once

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Billed Once

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Finally, we’re proud to introduce the first-ever WHMCS gateway made specifically for PayPal Advanced! We’ve made it easy to integrate your PayPal Advanced account with WHMCS to easily process your customer’s credit cards using your PayPal Advanced merchant account.
We’re excited to introduce brand new features down the road, as well – based on your feedback, suggestions & comments!
We’ve taken all the hassle out of coding and API’s, so you can offer your customers a seamless checkout and billing experience!
Easy Migration Features!
Includes a setting to change the default payment method of clients who checkout through this gateway to always use this gateway in the future. Add that to a new client side view where clients can create & signup for a billing agreement with just the click of a button and no funds exchanged, and you’ll be able to migrate your existing clients over just like that!
Enhanced Currency Recognition!
Charge clients in the currency of your choice – recognizes the currency being checked out with & the client’s default currency choice.
Fully PCI Compliant
No PayPal or card details are stored on your site, ensuring your site meets the latest PCI requirements.
Existing PayPal Gateway Compatibility
Already using the standard PayPal gateway? No worries – keep using it in conjunction with this gateway!
Choose Transaction Mode
Would you rather Authorize or Capture? It’s up to you, just choose it from our gateway settings!
Refund Compatibility
Need to quickly refund a transaction? No problem – just use the built-in refunds section in the Invoice panel to refund your customer straight to their paypal account!



This gateway is a long-overdue much needed solution for WHMCS operators who have a PayPal Advanced account and have been previously unable to integrate it with WHMCS! Offering full PayPal Advanced integration, with some great new features in the pipeline, this module is a great asset to your WHMCS & PayPal operations!