Refund Policy

We firmly believe in our products and their ability to improve your business’ efficiency. If you’re having trouble enjoying the full benefits of our products we would be happy to work through those issues with you. If after cooperating with our support team, we haven’t come to a solution, we would be happy to issue a refund according to our policy:

Software License Refund Policy

All of our software licenses have a free trial period available for them. We recommend you take advantage of this trial and our support that comes with it prior to purchasing. Since we sell digital products, we do not provide refunds after a purchase has been made, due to the non-tangible nature of our software, and the fact that a free trial is readily available for you to test before purchasing.


We offer a limited 30 day refund policy that may be applied at our discretion in the event that our software doesn’t function as designed, and you have cooperated with our support team as we attempt to troubleshoot / resolve any bugs for you. If both of these conditions apply, a refund will be granted at our discretion.

We do not issue refunds after 30 days.

Software License Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your license subscription with us at any time. Once requested, the cancellation will take effect at the end of your current billing period, and you will not be charged again. Refunds requested due to cancellation must meet the conditions of our policy above.

General Terms

Refunds are not issued for server failure/issues, lack of features or if your server does not meet the Software Requirements. Installation charges are not refundable under any circumstances. Refunds are not available after the 30-day period above is over.  Any disputes opened for legitimate license purchases will result in a suspended license until the dispute is resolved.

Our limited 30 day refund policy covers all paid licenses we sell, excluding our source code licenses. We willingly provide support during your free trial, if applicable, and throughout the life of your license. We will not issue a refund in the case that you have changed your mind about needing our software. If you aren’t able to co-operate with us to troubleshoot / support any issues or questions you have about module operation, we may be unable to provide a refund. Please note that by purchasing our software, you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy herein.