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Project Development


Custom Platform Development

  • Booking System
  • Messaging Interface
  • Membership Area
  • Management Interface
  • Payment Processing

Clean & Modern Website Design

  • User Experience Focus
  • Responsive Design Across All Devices
  • Completely Branded Elements
  • Customized Theme
  • Intuitive Usability

Project Focus

Lokalphoto is a unique site focused on bringing photographers and local potential customers together with an easy to use booking system to facilitate local photo shoots with the photographer of your choice!


Handling development for this site was a rewarding challenge for our entire team. After a lengthy review/strategy phase, we built an entirely custom platform for this site – focused on providing a unique experience for both the customer and the photographer – two crucial site users visiting different parts of the site.


We focused on a streamlined signup process for photographers, an easy booking and messaging interface for customers when looking at potential photographers, and a simple yet detailed booking management flow to facilitate the entire photo shoot – from payment to photo delivery!