Buck Wild 2
Buck Wild

Buckwild Customs


Project Development


E-Commerce Development

  • WooCommerce Powered
  • Composite Product Development
  • User Experience Focus
  • Customized Checkout Options
  • Simplified Product Personalization Process

Social Media & Design

  • Social Media Integration
  • Responsive Design Across All Devices
  • Authentic, branded Experience
  • Completely Customized Theme

Project Focus

For a company that sells completely personalized products, offering hundreds of different variables of customization options, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Buck Wild customs wanted to take a big step in their business – to streamline the ordering and customization process, while providing their customers with an elevated experience. Orders that once took hours of back and forth over the phone, are now completed through a simplified and streamlined online process. We developed a clean and modern website design, while still maintaining the artful ‘feel’ of Buck Wild Customs. We built them an E-Commerce store powered by WooCommerce, and built a complex interface which allows customers to go through a series of simple steps to customize their product. Each option is priced, and the final total is calculated immediately. This has not only simplified the order process on the customer side, but it has also significantly cut down on the resources and time needed for Buck Wild to receive and complete the customized products.