Erik Beyer

Erik Beyer

July 21, 2015

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When I selected OpenCart as my CMS and eCommerce platform I knew nothing about it but I was in a pinch and it seemed easy enough to get started.  I admit, it was over my head and a little unconventional in it’s layout and settings structure.  Once we settled in enough for me to breath I realized I needed some help.

Through OpenCart’s referral network I found MyWorks Design.  Immediately Peter offered assistance and as much as you can through emails and requests he showed great patience and was very welcoming.  He and his team were able to act quickly, knowledgeably, and skillfully to perform the tasks requested.  As he got to know us and we got to know them it felt more like a friendly dialogue and what I feel like became a working team helping to build and perfect our website.


Unlike other teams, Peter and his crew were available to help with advice and direction as I needed it while providing guidance to learn the OpenCart system more and more.  Sure, I have learned how to do more things on my own, but I will always lean on Peter and MyWorks Design for assistance when needed.  Because of them I have regained hope in OpenCart as a great platform.

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