September 21, 2017


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Have you been trying to find ways to engage your current customers, attract new ones, increase sales, encourage referrals, build your reviews… all while running your day-to-day business activities?

Let’s face it, providing an elevated, customized experience for each one of your customers – and sending them customized emails based on their purchase behavior – is extremely time consuming and nearly impossible if you have more than a handful of customers.

Imagine being able to attract new customers by automatically sending them an offer after they contact your business for info, drive sales by sending personalized offers, build your online reputation by asking only satisfied customers for reviews, and encourage your customers to tell their friends about you by offering them referral bonuses.

Imagine doing all that automatically. Attract customers, drive sales, build your reviews, increase revenue… All without even having to press a button.

Sound too good to be true? It’s too good, but it’s also true! Through the Signpost Dashboard you can turn prospects into promoters, and serve them each with individually tailored campaigns.

Your CRM just got a whole lot easier!

Signpost gathers contact information from anyone who shows interest in your business – whether it be an email, a visit, or a phone call (even a missed call!), and adds it to a centralized dashboard where it manages all prospects and customer contacts. It categorizes contacts as customers or prospects, and send each and every contact a personalized campaign.

Signpost pulls in any information and uses that to analyze the contact and find ways to best serve them (via email AND text messages!)

Signpost’s AI technology collects and analyzes data to find new opportunities for your business. It creates customized emails and text messages that drive conversions.

Count on Signpost for:

•Increasing Presence

•Gaining Referrals

•Building Loyalty

•Business Analytics

•Email Marketing

•Text Message Marketing

•Customer Profiles

•Building Reviews

•Monitoring Locations

…and more!

New Customer Offers

Signposts collects information from anyone who has expressed interest in your business. Whether they called, emailed, or visited your location, their contact info will be stored and used to send customized offers!

Customer Care

By collecting customer and transaction info, Signpost gets to know each and every one of your customers. This information allows it to send your customers the offers that they will most appreciate. Each new customer is sent a welcome offer, and your loyal customers are rewarded!

Signpost spreads the word about what’s so great about your business and why your customers love you! It knows when someone has visited your business, and asks them about their experience. if it was positive, it will encourage them to write a review!


The platform makes stars appear on your most important sites, AND creates a personalized reviews page that you may share with anyone and everyone, or add to your site. Signposts requests reviews from your satisfied customers, and it does it at a time when they’re likely to write a review. It will never ask an unsatisfied customer for a public review.



Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing – which is why Signpost encourages your happy customers to spread the word!

The get referrals campaign will encourage your customers to refer their friends by sending them personalized offers.


The dashboard provides you with an overall snapshot of all key data, activity and results. From here, you may easily view your marketing campaigns, performance, and all customer activity. No analyst needed here!

From your centralized dashboard, you may view your total customer base across multiple locations, total number of customer actions, the amount of customer email sends and opens, offers claimed, online presence and more!

If you have more than one location, You can easily switch from and overview of all locations, to detailed info for each individual location.



In order to be found and have your business information easily available to anyone searching for it, you need to be listed on directory sites and have good reviews.

Signpost makes sure that you stand out across all of these platforms by asking your customers for feedback, and encouraging them to write your reviews – thus building your stars!

Easy Integrations

Signposts seamlessly syncs with your current technology systems, including WooCommerce! Its world-class API can connect with your systems within minutes, ensuring that none of your data falls through the cracks!

Signpost does all of this without requiring any effort or time on your part. New campaigns and offers are developed for you, so you can accept or reject them, and send them on their way.

From here, Signpost will implement the campaigns, and adjust them to each individual person. New leads are captured and sent campaigns and offers automatically. Reports are created for you – so you never have to spend time mining through fields of data to find your important metrics.

Can you even imagine doing all of that on your own!?

Signpost drives sales while keeping your costs marketing costs low, resulting in increased profits! It’s the marketing guru you’ve always wanted!

It’s easy to track your outstanding results, as all of your key data is organized in your central dashboard, making it easy to view and analyze from a your phone, tablet, or computer. You will also receive a performance report every week.

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